How To Get A Bubble Butt

How To Get A Bubble Butt

It probably all started with that catchy song from Sir-Mi-A-Lot. Bubble Butts has always been a gorgeous feature on the women who have them, but unfortunately, it’s determined by your genetics if you will get one naturally or not.


From Kim Kardashian to J-Lo it’s not only a feature that is beautiful to look at it’s now what pop culture has made a trendy way to look for women these days and what many guys are attracted to. So if you want a bubble butt, read all the way through and you’ll be on your way to the butt of your dreams.

How To Get A Bubble Butt

Do you want a bubble butt?


If you’re reading this article I’m sure the goal is to get a bubble butt and learn how to get one as quickly as possible. If you don’t want to go with surgery as a method of getting a bubble butt there are natural ways that are just as good but will take more effort on your part.


To do so naturally you’ll need a mixture of exercise, nutrition, and there are now some great products on the market that actually work to give you a bubble butt. I’ve reviewed the products and have broken down the exercises and nutrition to help you reach this goal.


One thing you should know up front is that if you are going to do this naturally you will need to follow this for the long term or you will only have your bubble butt for the short term. So decide what’s best for you and if doing this without surgery is your choice you’ll be able to do so without it.


First, let’s start with products that have been reviewed and are considered some of the best on the market today for giving you a bubble butt that will turn heads.

How To Get A Bubble Butt

Products That Bubble Butts Love:


Some of the best products available today:


• Booty Booster Strap with Adjustable Anchor Loop Attachments
• 3 Interchangeable High Performance “Tushy Toners”
• Comprehensive Fitness Guide with Standard Exercises
• Portable Gym Bag for Travel and Transportation
• Promise Card and Decal
• 12 Month Product Warranty
• Customer Satisfaction – 100% Guaranteed

It’s easy to use and has different levels of resistance designed to lift and build the glute area.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10


About The Product: 
Gluteboost is an All Natural Booty Pill designed to give you a bigger booty without expensive butt injections or surgeries. If you want to get a bigger butt naturally, this is the way to go if you prefer pills. Click the link here. 
Rating: 9.3 out of 10

About The Product:

Most people are able to get a bigger butt within 6-12 weeks of consistent use for way less cost than surgery and way fewer risks than injections. This cream can also be used to get bigger thighs as a “thigh thickening cream” or hips as well. Sells out fast-You can get it by clicking here.

Rating 9.7 out of 10


There are also several videos that are popular on the market today. They include exercises that take 20-30 minutes a day and also implemented a diet that would help you get the butt you want. So, what are some of the foods to eat?

How To Get A Bubble Butt

Food That You Should Eat If You Want A Bubble Butt

I’ll go over this now and list the top foods you should be eating if you want to start getting the butt you always wanted.


  • Proteins– In the form of powders, kidney beans, cottage cheese, tuna, and eggs
  • Complex Carbohydrates- Brown Rice, Oats, and Cereal
  • Fats- Walnuts, Olive Oil, Peanut Butter and Tofu
  • Fruits- Apples, Bananas, and Oranges
  • Vegetables- Any type of vegetable is just fine- just

( Try to stay away from junk food- it will make your butt bigger, but your stomach will grow too)


Some of the Best Exercises to Grow that Booty: 


  • Lunges- Try without weights to start and work your way to light weights. Do 3-4 Sets of 10-12 Reps
  • Squats- Probably the best butt exercise ever! 3-4 Sets of 10-12 Reps
  • Steps- Either Step aerobics or climbing up and down stairs (do slowly and flex your butt as you do this)
  • Squeeze- That’s right, flex your butt and hold it up to 60 seconds several times a day
  • Wall- Stand against the wall and do a squat. Hold for as long as you can. Do 3-4 sets of 10-12 Reps


It may sound silly, but take a picture of your butt from the side and back or have someone help you. Within 30 days you should notice visible results.


Seeing improvements will help to motivate you as you will see that all the hard work is paying off. Take another set of pictures the next 30 days. You should definitely see a difference by this point in time.


How To Get A Bubble butt

Now That You Have A Bubble Butt-Here’s How To Keep It That Way


You’ve just spent the past weeks or months working on getting a bubble butt and now you finally have it or you can see that it’s gonna be there soon.


After putting in all that effort this is how to keep that butt you wanted. It’s pretty simple, just keep doing what you have been.


It will be easier than when you first started because now you are getting used to doing what it takes by exercising and eating right and now the secret ingredient products that had given you the edge to reach your goals.


Once you get your butt to the desired look it would stay that way for a while unless you dropped everything and decided to stop totally.



How To Get A Bubble Butt

Summary Of How To Get A Bubble Butt 


Start out with your goal and commit to taking action immediately. If you wait or put it off, you’ll miss out on the benefits of having the butt you always wanted.


Diet and prepare meals that include foods that will focus on growing your booty. Exercise at least 3-4 times a week. Take pix of your progress to help keep you motivated.


And if you try one of the products above, please reply or comment below. We appreciate your support here at and if you click a link which earns us a commission, we thank you in advance. I’d love to see your progress and hear what you think.


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