Women’s Favourite Body Type

Women’s Favourite Body Type


Womens Favorite Body Type

When asking men what body type they prefer on a woman it’s usually pretty easy and straightforward for a quick answer and it’s usually very descriptive too.


When asking most women what body type they prefer on a man or what is the favorite body type they will usually tell you it depends…


Depends on what? I was told if they look good, but don’t have a good personality to match it will ruin it, so the personality was much more important in a lot of cases, but if you throw that out and judge strictly on appearance the answers were mixed too.


There was an overall a definite winner and if you happen to be a guy with this body type you probably already know this. Lucky you!


Women's Favourite Body Type

The body Type Men Think Women Want … is not what they actually want at all.


Men were surveyed about what they think is attractive to women and one of the questions were asked what body type do you think are women’s favorite body type?


According to the research, a couple of the physical attributes that women are attracted to are due to your genetics and if you were blessed with them you are ahead of the game when it comes to the fairer sex.


If you happen to be tall and have broad shoulders you are already one and two steps ahead of your competition if you have both.


In fact, one woman said if she was with a group of her friends on a ladies night out and they scanned the room at a bar or club looking at all the men in the room they would notice the taller guys or the fit men with broad shoulders first.


However, if you weren’t blessed with height or natural broad shoulders the rest of what are a women’s favorite body type you have total control over…

Women's Fovourtie Body Type

So What Is A Woman’s Favourite Body Type Anyway?

If you spend at least 3-4 days a week in the gym or exercising in one way or another… keep doing that!


Research also shows that women are very attracted to strength or a male body that appears strong.


Not necessarily over muscular because repeatedly we were told that a guy that works out too much is almost as unattractive as a guy that didn’t work out at all. It’s somewhere in the middle of the two.


Keeping lean was very important and if you wanted her to lust after you better start working those abs now… because having a six-pack was the number one part of the body that almost every woman said was the biggest turn on.


Coming in a close second was the strong muscular chest. If you are a man that have the abs and the chest you are probably getting lots of female attention.


Congratulations! Most men look up to you and probably trying to look like you. Think Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum or a young Brad Pitt.


Women's Favorite body type

I Wasn’t Expecting That… How Do I Get That Body That Will Attract Women?


Even celebrities have to work hard to get a body women will lust after and you can do the same. It will require a commitment of exercising 4-5 days a week and a diet that will help you become lean.


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Maybe you already have a woman in your life and were just curious about what women really think about women’s favorite body type when they are with their friends.


Well if you don’t already have the body she wants why don’t you surprise her and make her even more attracted to you by getting started with an exercise and diet that will give you the body she won’t be able to resist.


How Long To Get The Body Women Lust After?


It will all depend on how seriously you go about getting your new body and how much you want it.


It feels amazing to be viewed as attractive and even better when you notice women giving glances that show they are interested in you, but you really have to want it for yourself to maintain this for the long term.


Picture in your mind the way you want to look and if it matches with what women find attractive it’s all the better, but it all starts within your mind.


All too many times I have helped train someone get in shape just to lose it once they get into a new relationship. Do it for you and make it a lifestyle change. You can see real results in a few weeks and have the body she wants in as little as 4-5 weeks. 

women's favorite body type

Putting It All Into Perspective…


A women’s favourtie body type is a man that is lean and strong, but not over muscular. We learned women are attracted to the appearance of strength and power.


Tall men with well-defined abs, muscular chest, board shoulders and lean is the ultimate male that our research found to be most desired by most women.


Since some of this is based upon genetics some men won’t be able to do much about their height, but fortunately, all the other factors are in their control and very achievable.


Getting a few training supplies to help exercising to get a lean and toned body will benefit you in many ways to more quickly obtain the body she wants.


As much as anyone would love to be found attracted and even lusted after. To keep the body you worked for over however long it took to achieve it will take long-term dedication and a lifestyle change if you aren’t’ used to exercising.


Just take it one day at a time and little by little you will notice all your work is paying off. Having women want your body will just be an added bonus and no longer a secret only between her and her friends.

women's favourite body type