Is belly dancing good for physical fitness

After dating a belly dancer I wanted to know if belly dancing was good for physical fitness because she was in great shape, had a six pack and very low body fat percentage.


I asked if she worked out at the gym or did anything else to look so amazing. “She said no, just belly dancing for an hour a day sometimes more.” That got me curious to learn more about belly dancing.


Maybe more women would belly dance if they knew about the health benefits. I know it was fun to watch her perform and that it took skill and practice. So I decided to look further into belly dancing for physical fitness.

Is belly dancing for physical fitness

What Are The Benefits Of Belly Dancing?


Belly dancing is a low impact exercise with wiggling, shimmying, and undulating that provides a solid core workout that helps you lose fat if you combine it with a healthy diet.Is belly dancing good for physical fitness


Belly dancing develops your hamstrings, quadriceps,  glutes, arms, and even back muscles. It has also been said that it will help improve your posture, reduce stress, trim and tone the weight from your hips and result in a smaller waist.


As with all dancing you will increase your endurance, strength and muscle tone. You will also have stronger bones, better coordination, and flexibility. If you love dancing I think you’ll most certainly love belly dancing for physical fitness.


Another benefit is that belly dancing and really any kind of dancing will also reduce cortisol which is a stress hormone. So you feel more relaxed and happy.


Is belly dancing good for physical fitness

Where Can I Learn To Belly Dance?


I found that you can learn to belly dance online for free or if you would rather learn in a class setting with a live instructor there are several classes available that range in price. If you search online you can most likely find a belly dancing class near you.


It’s still not as popular as other types of dancing, but definitely gaining in popularity. There are several videos on belly dancing available too.  A large variety of them available on Amazon by clicking here.


Also, you’ll find a good selection of belly dancing songs as well. Also available on Amazon. click here to discover which ones you like most.Is belly dancing good for physical fitness


If you are feeling ready to make it official that you are gonna be a belly dancer you can find exactly the right clothes that fit your body perfectly. Click here to find out more on belly dancer clothing.


There are belly dancing events you can attend as well. Some actually pay you money for your belly dancing performance. It’s pretty cool to get paid to do something that’s fun that you love doing.

is belly dancing good for physical fitness

What To Wear Before Your First Class

  • Yoga or work out pants
  • Sports bra or  fitted tank top
  • fitted t-shirt

Its ok to be barefoot, dance shoes such as jazz shoes, ballet slippers, foot undies, or socks are all acceptable no street shoes or usually permitted in the studios.


How To Belly Dance For Beginners


The first Exercise is called the rib slide. Stand with hands on hips and feet together and move just your ribs to the left, then back through the center of your torso and to the right. Continue moving from side to side. Practice each exercise for 2-3 minutes at a minimum.


The next exercise is called the belly roll. Stand with arms out to sides and a few inches behind you. Lift right hip and heel and lean to the right. Reverse the motion by relaxing and expanding your lower belly as you draw in your upper belly. Then Alternate between the two movements.Is belly dancing good for physical fitness


These two exercises will give you a start to belly dancing and can be practiced as long as you want, but it is recommended to at least practice for 10-15 minutes every other day. I think once you get started you’ll become addicted to it and won’t even think of it as exercise because you’re having fun doing it.


Belly Dancing For Physical Fitness Is Fun


As you now know there are many benefits to belly dancing for physical fitness. Although I found you really do need a healthy diet too. Eating healthy combined with belly dancing will help you lose fat and tone your body and as well as reduce your level of stress.


So the answer is yes belly dancing is great for physical fitness. Since belly dancing is a low impact exercise anyone from beginner to advanced can get started, but as always check with your doctor before starting any exercise or fitness routine.Is Belly dancing good for physical fitness


Another great reason to give belly dancing a try is that it’s free to learn. Even if you don’t live close to a studio for belly dancing it’s easy to learn online or you can spend a small amount of money and get some training videos.


Still much less expensive than joining a gym. It’s a workout you can do at home without purchasing a lot of equipment that clutters your home. There is not much you need to get started in the way of clothing. Just comfortable clothing overall that you can move in easily.


As you advance and become better at belly dancing you may want to buy some outfits and take part in local belly dancing events that you can make some additional income. Get started today and let me know how you like it.


We would love to hear your experience with belly dancing for physical fitness and how it has helped you lose fat and get a body that makes you feel confident and happy with for years to come.