How To Get Your EX Back-Is It Too Late?

How To Get Your EX Back-Is It Too Late?

How To Get Your Ex back


Sometimes ending a relationship is a good thing. When it’s a toxic relationship that is making your life worse off instead of complimenting it, but when a relationship ends and you still have strong feelings for your lover all you want is to be back in the arms of the one you love.


I remember going through a break up that floored me. It was seemly out of the blue. Now looking back there were several red flags that showed she was losing interest. We would see each other like clockwork on certain days of the week.


One of the first signs that the relationship was going sour was that she would start to tell me she couldn’t see me as often. I didn’t like this, but I didn’t think much of it at the time either. Mostly because we still kept in contact and even though she wasn’t there hanging out we were on the phone or to get your ex back


That was a bad sign too. If your ex is gradually spending less time with you or making excuses to break dates or just flat out canceling on you especially last minute. You need to wake up and fast. Your chances of fixing things with you ex go down dramatically the longer you wait.


How To Get Your Ex Back


There are a few things you should know before trying to get your ex back. Whether you are male or female you should first ask yourself… why do I want them back?


Do you really love them or do you just miss the sex? If it’s just sex, you would be better off finding a new lover. Why did they break up with you? If one of you cheated the chances of that happening again is strong. Could you really trust them again? Would they be able to trust you again?


These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before trying to get your ex back. So, do you still want them back? If you have seriously given some thought to logically reason that you really want your ex back then read to get your ex back


Getting your ex back depends on a few things:

  1. Why Did You Break Up?
  2. How Long Have you Been Apart?
  3. Do you still Have Contact With Your Ex?
  4. If There Is contact who initiates it?
  5. Is Your Ex With Someone New?
  6. Do You Have Mutual Friends With Your Ex?
  7. Have You Been Begging Your Ex To Get Back Together?
  8. . Are You Fighting With Your Ex?


Even if you answered Yes to all of these questions the good news is you can still get your ex back. I won’t lie to you, it won’t be easy, but I found a solution that helped me get back together with the women I love. This method works on men and women. 


Check out more on the method that worked for me here. You will learn why your ex-lost attraction for you. And how to gain back their respect and even make them want you back without doing things that are KILLING your chances like begging or sending gifts.


Have your ex-attracted to you like the day you first fell in love with each other. They won’t even know why, but you will. Right now your ex-has all the power, but learn how to even the playing field so you can be back into a position of power instead of weakness like you are now.

How To Get Your ex back

Is It Too Late To Get Your Ex Back?

The truth is that there are some situations where you might not be able to get your ex back.


Take the quiz below to find out if it’s too late for you:

How to get your ex back


I asked all my friends what I should do to get my ex back. Wow, friends might mean well, but the advice they gave me was actually PUSHING my ex away from me and making it harder for me to get her back. I was actually pissed when I learned this, but they didn’t know any better so I really couldn’t blame them.


The good news is that even if you are following bad advice from friends you can still get your ex back. That is if you took the quiz and it says you still can.


If you are doing the following STOP now… You Are DeStroying your chances of getting your ex back:

  • Spending All Your Time Thinking About Them
  • Texting or Calling Them
  • Asking Their Friends How They Are Doing
  • Sending Gifts
  • Focusing On How To Get Them Back
  • Responding To Their Texts Or Calls
  • Beggin Them To Take You Back
  • Telling Them Things Will Be Different
  • Arguing With Your Ex


Avoid doing these things at all cost. If you really want to get back together with your ex you will have to do things totally different then you are now. There are certain things you have to do in order to get your ex back into your arms. This time for good.

how to get your ex back

Ok, I have my Ex Back…Now What?


Congratulations!!! You Are now back with your ex. It was a strange feeling when I got back together with my ex. It was strange because I had mixed emotions.


I was super happy to be back together with her and the makeup sex was amazing, but I never wanted to experience going through this again. It was so painful to think of her with someone else and feel so helpless about it.How To get your ex back


To be honest I was jealous, sad, and upset all at the same time. I learned what I needed to do in order to keep my ex and she noticed the changes. She was more attracted to me than before the break-up and I loved that!


I learned what to look for in order to keep the romance alive and it didn’t involve spending lots of money or pouring out gifts.  I knew what signs to look for and how to instantly stop any bad habits that could be turning my ex off. See a video on it here


Things You Can Do Now That Will Help You Get Your Ex Back


how to get your ex back

I know how bad you want your ex back. I would have done almost anything to stop the pain of losing her and to get her back as fast as possible. It’s easy to say to stop thinking about your ex, but it’s one of the things you have to do.


It probably doesn’t make sense because I know my every thought was of her. I missed spending time with her so bad, hearing her voice, having sex and just wanted things back the way there were.  And when I found out she was seeing someone … I was ready to get into a fight with this chump to win her back.


This would have almost 100% killed any chance of getting her back. So If your ex is seeing someone. Don’t do anything to that person. I know you want to, but it will make you look bad and make them look better than to get your ex back


You basically have to do the opposite of what you are doing now. Change your thinking so you can have your ex back and stop chasing your ex. This is a bad idea too…




It’s extremely hard to think of your ex-having sex with someone else… Feeling lonely because your ex is gone. Going out with friends trying to have a good time, but in the back of your mind, you just keep wishing you were with your ex.


If my ex would just take me back they would never leave again. I remember thinking that. The things I was doing wasn’t helping I could tell If I didn’t do something different and fast I would lose her forever.

how to get your ex back

I tried several things to try and get my ex back. Listening to the advice of friends and reading books to win back my ex. Those things just didn’t work at all. And the things I tried only made everything worse.


Time wasn’t on my side… It had been several months and I lost a ton of weight from the depression I felt over the break up. I loved and missed my ex so much. It really hurt!


I wanted her back because I wanted to marry her and keep in my life forever. If you want your ex back and have failed to win her back. Check out this link to see what worked for me.


If you follow the advice here you have a very good chance of getting your ex back. Just don’t wait too long and stop doing things that are ruining your chances of getting your ex back.


Hopefully, you found this helpful and useful information. I wish someone would have told me this at that time. I know I could have got my ex back sooner and lessesn the time of us being apart.