Best Ways To Jump Start Weight Loss

Best Ways To Jump Start Weight Loss

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There are a number of reasons why losing weight can be challenging. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start because you’re new to health and fitness. You could know a lot about losing weight and have been in shape most of your life, but having problems knocking off those love handles or last few pounds.

And for others, age plays a part in the fact that losing weight is much more difficult than it used to be. If any of these reasons apply to you or any other reasons. Read on as I discuss some of the best ways to jump-start weight loss.

Best ways to jump start weight loss

The Weight Loss Journey

I’ve known so many people that think cutting meals are staving themselves is a good way to jump-start weight loss. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This can backfire on you big time and you can actually get the opposite results. If you are doing this, stop now. There are much better ways to lose weight quickly that I will go into later.

Another trick that many try myself included is to get weight loss pills. I know a lot of people I have trained in the past that thought they could just eat whatever they want and not work out as long as they had weight loss pills.

Best ways to jump start weight loss

Have you tried this? You can actually get some temporary results, but if you are looking for the long-term reward. This isn’t the best way to jump-start weight loss.

Only doing half the work needed is another downfall that I know I used to do. What I mean is that 50% of the effort is exercising and the other 50% is the diet.

A lot of times I work late and would either skip on my diet and eat something that had way too many calories or I’d put off my workout. Both are bad and you need to set aside time to eating properly and exercising. Just 20 minutes a few days a week can make a big difference.

This is just a few examples of my weight loss journey. Over the years I’ve learned some of the best ways to jump start weight loss and get those calories to fly off.

Weight Loss In Two Weeks

Yes, it’s possible. Do you want to lose weight fast? Sometimes you don’t have time to lose weight gradually and need it off fast. Like you have an upcoming reunion or a date you want to look good for and don’t have a lot of time to get the weight off. If this is you, just read on to learn what works fast for so many wanting to lose weight in two weeks.

Are you putting 100% into your diet program, but feel like you’re getting 0 results?

Many people find themselves in this pickle. They work hard, hold on to their diet strategy like a bulldog, but fail to see the transformation they wanted. Hopes were high, but the scale just isn’t going downward.Best ways to jump start weight loss

What gives?

Often, the problem is not effort or motivation. The issue is that they are incorporating certain foods into their diet plan that are actually not diet foods at all. The diet industry is big business, and unfortunately, many companies market their products as healthy, even though they are counter-productive options.

What are these foods? Here are three problem foods you need to cut from your diet immediately.

Fruit Flavored Yogurts

Fruit-flavored yogurts are a favorite among many dieters, but many fail to see them for what they are: pint-sized sugar bombs. Individual yogurt packs have gotten unhealthier and unhealthier, while their reputation as a go-to diet food has regrettably survived.

Next time you’re picking out your favorite yogurt, double check the sugar content. You might be surprised to find there are 15+ grams of sugar per serving.

Best ways to jump start weight loss

Of course, you can purchase the sugar-free varieties, but then you’ll be consuming unwanted artificial sweeteners, which can be just as bad for you.

Instead, opt for plain Greek yogurt. Flavor it yourself by adding a handful of fresh berries.

Fat-Free Products

Beware of any product marketed as ‘fat-free’. These products proudly label themselves as fat-free, and that very well may be true.

But ask yourself, if the fat is removed, what has been added? Time and again, the fat content has been substituted with something just as undesirable.

Often that means heaps of sugar.

If you are trying to lose body fat, sugar is just as bad — if not worse — than fat is.

Protein Bars

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The last problem food to be wary of is the protein bar, despite its prevalence in many diet programs and meal plans. These may seem like a great option because they contain protein,  but once again you have to look a little closer.

Check that sugar content. Most protein bars have upwards of 15 grams of sugar per bar. Some contain 30 and even 40 grams.Best ways to jump start weight loss

In actuality, these are glorified chocolate bars. While you can buy a few bars with very low sugar content (five grams or less per bar), these will require a little searching.

Sadly, many dieters are blissfully unaware of these three problem foods. Are any of them in your current diet?

The 2 Week Diet

Best Weight Loss Programs

There are so many weight loss programs out there, but which ones will actually help you jump start your weight loss fast?  Below is a proven list to methods that work well and fast to help you quickly drop pounds and look noticeably slimmer:

  1.  Eat Smaller Meals- Eating 5 smaller meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism fired up and burning those unwanted calories.
  2. Increase Protein-  You can quickly and easily mix a protein shake to increase your protein intake.
  3. Exercise-  Even if you are crunched on time you can get in 3 to 4 workouts. Just make time for a fast 20-minute workout and you will be happy you did.
  4. Eliminate Alcohol-  Drinking is bad for the waistline, so you must eliminate it.
  5. Drink Plenty of Water-  You can learn more on this by clicking the link here.
  6. Sleep-  Get at least 7 hours of sleep this will help to keep your metabolism in check and help you avoid eating late at night.

The 2 Week Diet

Weight Loss Before And After

Starting out I needed to lose 15 to 20 pounds. I had an interview coming up and wanted to look my best. Fortunately, it was 18 days away, but I still wasn’t sure that would leave me enough time to reach my goal.

I started to follow the weight loss advice from books I read on how to lose weight as fast as possible. I knew I would need to increase my efforts in all ways to make my goal. I followed the tips I left here in this article.

Seven days had passed and I didn’t notice any changes when looking in the mirror, but the tape measure was showing that I was losing weight. That kept me motivated enough to keep going.

Two weeks later I’m 1o pounds lighter. I looked different too and still had four days to go. I was feeling confident I could do this now. On the day of the interview, I had dropped 14 pounds in just 18 days.

Such a cool feeling to reach this goal. Even though it was under the 15 to 20 pounds I was originally striving for it was close enough. I don’t think I would have looked much better with a few extra pounds off.  By the way, I got the job : )
The 2 Week Diet


There are a number of ways to jump-start weight loss, but following these tips in this article, you will give yourself the advantage needed to drop weight fast. During my weight loss journey, I made plenty of mistakes. You can avoid making the same mistakes now that you know them.

Diet pills will only take you so far but can work for a short-term goal. It’s never a good idea to starve yourself with the goal of jump-starting weight loss. This will have reserves effects. And make sure to diet and exercise. This will ensure you are putting in 100% effort for 100% reward.

There are certain foods you should avoid when trying to lose weight quickly. You can learn more about those foods here by reading the best foods to lose weight.  Even If you have more weight to lose than I did, you can make a noticeable difference in as little as two weeks.

Today there is no lack of weight loss advice, but following the advice here works. I’m proof and if you want to continually learn more on how to lose weight or exercise. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest tips and articles.
The 2 Week Diet